Who is Dilay Cinar?

24 years of professional experience;

She started this adventure by doing the hair of her dolls in her childhood, and when she reached middle school, she started working for Nejat Nalbant, her first master, who worked as a hairdresser in Etiler for many years.

He worked here for many years, spending his most productive and best times here. He received his Master and Master Teaching Certificates.

She continued to contribute to her own development by taking coloring and haircutting trainings from the best in her profession and still continues to do so.

She worked as a salon operator at her last place of employment and decided to open her own 30m2 salon in 2014.

She emphasized innovative ideas in constant development and change. After 4 years, he moved from a 30m2 hall to a 120 m2 hall.

As of 2022, she opened her new salon on hair, make-up and coloring in a 200 m2 area overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge in Ortaköy.


The story of 24 years of experience

We offer a unique service to our valued customers with our experienced staff in the field of hair design and make-up. With our aesthetic understanding that reveals your difference, we bring out your unique sides and welcome you in the best way. We are always strengthening our relationships with our customers and we serve with a sincere understanding.

Dilay Cinar Hair Studio

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By always adopting difference in the field of Hair Design, we witness the most beautiful and special moments with our customers on this journey. With our aesthetic understanding, we offer unique models to our customers, allowing them to discover the secret in their hair.

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Our customers' satisfaction is our inspiration. We are happy to have earned your satisfaction.